• Alvin and Georgia LeBlanc

    We were looking to purchase an existing home in the Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard in New Braunfels. Charles Mazinter showed us many homes and we placed an offer on one.  The terms did not work out, and we were frustrated at not being able to find a home to match our desires.  Originally, we really did not want to go through the builder experience; however Charles showed us a custom home floor plan and elevations which we really liked then customized.   

    Charles Mazinter introduced us to a Builder to go over our building preferences and to determine the cost of construction.  He also showed us a beautiful lot for building our dream home.  Even though we initially did not want to build, we decided it was the only way to get exactly what we wanted.

    We purchased the lot he recommended in Champagne Hills and we built our dream home.  The experience was enjoyable and everything went smoothly.  The Builder was great and the Interior Designer who helped us pick out all the colors, tiles, granite and fixtures was truly amazing. 

     We love our new home and enthusiastically recommend Charles and Top Rated Home Builders.

  • Dr. Peter Palmieri

    We met Charles Mazinter when we were looking for a lot to purchase to build a home.  Once we purchased our Lot, Charles introduced us to a prominent Builder.  Charles also introduced us to a couple of architects and we hired one to design our home.  When the plans were completed the Builder priced the cost of construction, which came in way over our budget.  Our Builder recommended many suggestions on how to modify the plans to reduce the cost.  Our Builder is very knowledgeable reading design plans and he figured out how to greatly reduce cost without sacrificing our desires.  We reduced the square footage less than 200 square feet however we cut the construction cost over $200,000.  The build went as planned and we were pleased at every step of construction.  We are thankful that we met Charles to guide us to building an incredible home.

  • International Client

    I am a real estate Investor who purchased, remodeled then sold several single family homes with Charles Mazinter and profited over a quarter of a million in less than three years. In 2012 the real estate market improved and it became difficult to find good homes to buy, fix and re-sale for a profit.  

    Charles Mazinter, as my Consultant researched Builders for me, as I am a US citizen however living permanently in Europe.  He provided detailed information about different builders until I made a decision on whom to hire.  I built four homes with this same Builder and made substantial profits on all projects.  Top Rated Home Builders will identify the right builder who will match your criteria to building and they will check on the job periodically to make sure it is going to plan.  Their services are excellent and I recommend them anyone needing to build a home.