Helping Build Your Dream Custom Home


We provide our Clients with key information that assists them in selecting the right Builder. This will eliminate hassle, wasted time, and the mistakes many people experience on their own. Are you building Mediterranean, Modern, Tuscan, Spanish, Contemporary or Ranch style home? We will match you with a Builder who will understand your vision and desires, and will translate them into your dream home.

The survey to evaluate the Top Rated Home Builders is what makes our service truly unique. There are many components to being a successful builder, and our survey process will drill down to truly understand how the builders performs across a spectrum of proficiencies.

Here’s how we develop a builder profile.

We begin by contacting customers of a particular builder. We want them to rate and comment on their experience with that builder.

We ask them to respond to 10 questions, rating the builder on a scale of 1 – Not at all satisfied to 10 – Extremely satisfied.

  1. Rate the service provided by your Builder during the sales process, including contract terms and change orders?
  2. Rate the quality and workmanship of your home?
  3. How satisfied are you with the Builder in relation to completing the construction of your home on time?
  4. How satisfied are you with the floor plan design of your home?
  5. Rate your communication experience with the Builder and his team during the construction process?
  6. How satisfied were you with the condition of your new home on the day you moved in?
  7. Rate the customer service or warranty work provided by the Builder after you moved in?
  8. How do you perceive the value you received for the price you paid?
  9. At this point in time how satisfied are you living in your home?
  10. How likely are you to recommend your Builder to family and friends?

From these responses, a composite 10 Star Rating is developed.

We do this for every customer who responds about that builder.

We merge the responses from each customer, to compile these composite ratings into an overall rating.

We can then establish the Builders who:

  • Deliver quality workmanship
  • Build on time
  • Provide excellent customer service

Only the highest rated builders are selected for our Top Rated Home Builder List.



  • Top Rated Home Builders
    We have identified highly rated Builders in San Antonio, Bulverde Boerne, Springs Branch, New Braunfels and Canyon Lake along with surrounding areas.

  • Personalized  Services
    We assist many of our clients through the entire process of building, from land selection to the moment they walk into their completed dream home.

  • Preferred Lenders
    We provide our clients with preferred financing options with Mortgage Brokers, Construction Lenders and Banks.

  • Brokerage Services
    We assist our Clients with all of their real estate needs from locating rental homes to purchasing & selling all types of residential properties.